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Affiliate Marketing

To supplement traditional marketing channels, which often encounter challenges reaching organic communities, we bring to the table a wide variety of affiliate marketing solutions. With our affiliate network of 1,800 influencers, AppROI can significantly boost your short-term revenue and reduce long-term customer attrition.

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What we offer:

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AppROI own exclusive extension named "" in CocCoc browser with 140,000 monthly traffic.

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We reward repeat customers with cashback incentives from our affiliates.

Cashback affiliate

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We provide product feedbacks and review articles to inform customer purchase decisions.

Price Comparison Affiliate

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Blog/Coupon Site

We leverage our influencer networks to drive social interaction and promote online sales.

We ultilize our partners' SEO niches to bring your promotional campaigns to end users swiftly & smoothly.

Influencer Affiliate

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